Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Environmental concept showing idea of Lena's home village. Influence from Art Nouveau as well as modern eco-housing. Wind turbines generate electricity and bits of ceramics and bottles are recycled as decorative touches for buildings. As with Tokugawa period Japan, The Barrier realm is a peaceful, secluded society, and so craftspeople have had time to perfect arts and to spend a great deal of time on even small details.

Lena concept. I'm not sure about those hip-pouches, they make her look maybe a bit too much like Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, may need seeing to.
Trying to combine Romantic elements with practical climbing gear. The shoes are halfway in-between running pumps and climbing shoes (because she can't run around in climbing shoes, they're not comfortable for that at all!). Leggings are commonly worn by rock climbers and fell runners (though they're out of fashion at this moment with them, no idea why) and also give her an elegant look like a ballerina. The blouse is extremely Romantic with Regency period style bustline, flouncey sleeves and a highly decorative front panel with art nouveau patterns.
For her face and hair, I decided to try a mediterranian look with dark curls. Again, quite a Romantic feeling, slightly wild and windswept, good for running across moors like a Bronte character.

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