Monday, 23 March 2009

Walk the walk

...Okay, well hours of wasted time have revealed something to me:

I really should forget about the animation and concentrate on the game.

I was trying to make really nice 8 frame walk cycles. It's just not a good idea when you're only trained in rudimentary animation and trying to make the whole game on your own.
So due to how badly the Left/Right one came out, I'm sticking to 3 frame walk animations. It'll have to do. Hopefully I can have these finished for Thursday.

Some teething problems with the area size of the office. Urgh, I'm going to have to tweak it all so it's in proportion with the other areas. Not looking forward to that!
So my goal for Thursday is to see if I can have all the visual bits in order so I can finally start making the game work!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Knuckling down

At the moment, I have a game with two rooms in which you wander around and make snarky comments about things. It's not much of a game yet, but it's a start! At least the walkable areas are set up and I've got the hang of making the character say things about stuff the player clicks on.
I guess mainly I'm going to be making the areas and setting them up, and making the GUI this week.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


This game is awesome.
It's so absolutely simple, you are a little yellow robot...thing and you climb up a long shaft with thing grapple bungee rope thing, but you do it by hooking onto mines, and if you get too close, kaboom!
The graphics and gameplay may be simple, but there's something really pleasing about how the physics works, and the colours used and stuff. Even though it appears old skool due to the sound and graphics, something about the sound and the fluidity and clean physics of the game kind of make it clear that it's a recently made game. Similar to Cave Story, I guess.

I am rather a fan of really well-done pixel graphics. you can tell a game is new but done in pixels, 'cause the colours are always nicer than in actual old games. I remember pixel graphics, and the colours were NEVER that nice! New pixel games have a much more artistic approach to the colours used, rather than the more functional approach employed by the old games studios.
However much I like the look of pixels though, I'm not a fan of working with them at all. Very restrictive. I'm glad AGS can manage full colour and transparency as well as pixels.
I wonder if I should implement voice acting in my game? (sorry, small tangent here) I think it'll depend on my timeframe and how hard it is to add voices.

Can you believe this is my fiftieth post on here!? Yikes!