Monday, 15 December 2008

Lena Sketchbook dump

I had forgotten just how much work I did on 'Lena' until it came to scanning in everything I did on it...Yeesh! This is just the stuff from my sketchbook. I'll do all the stuff that's on loose paper later.
Something to note: Due to years of Japanese study, I mark my own drawings in the Japanese method. A circle is equivalent to a tick, meaning I like the drawing, it's moving in the right direction or, if there are a few drawings or designs on a page, that's the one I'd select. A cross means I don't think it's right. A triangle means I'm on the fence or like some aspects while disliking others. I usually annotate my work for the benefit of others as well as myself (I draw so much that sometimes even I forget the reasoning behind a single particular drawing!).

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