Thursday, 4 December 2008

Working working

GDD finished, now finishing off Kenneth the robot (3D model), group project and the essay and I'm good to go!
The essay is proving quite difficult, as it's essentially about 'why am I doing this?' and 'where do I stand in the world of design?' This is, at least, proving quite useful, in encouraging me to think these questions over. I seem to be going in the direction of exploring why games need designers. It's a very new job really. Games used to be made by just a guy programming, or a very small team, usually of programmers. I'm of the view that just being a designer or illustrator or writer in itself isn't enough for making good video games. You have to know how games work and how to apply design and writing to the medium. That's why I'm doing the course, because even though I'm moderately confident in my ability to draw a good image or write good dialogue, I feel I need to know how to apply that to making good games.

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