Wednesday, 15 October 2008


So I know this is kind of unrelated, but yesterday I had an idea for a game.
It's about this Robot who shoots special beams. S/he can shoot two types of beam, which I'm going to call 'bungee beams' and 'strut beams', bungee beams stick to surfaces or objects, can bend around like a rope or cable and are stretchy. Strut beams are rigid like a pole and glide across smooth surfaces, but always retain the length and angle at which they were fired.
The robot must use these in order to escape a massive floating fortress complex.
It's kind of inspired by a mixture of Portal, Cave Story and the bungee/ninja rope from the old 2d Worms games. I remember my brother and I got really good at using the ninja rope, and we would ninja flip across ceilings and into difficult areas, and it was totally awesome. I'd like to capture the epic 'feel' of Cave Story and 2d Sonic games. I remember it felt so climactic when you were on Dr. Robotnik's airship at the end of the first Sonic, and then for some reason in Sonic and Knuckles, they made the second level an airship! That's just wrong! The airship level where you're leaping above the clouds, climbing the side of this great flying structure...that should be the last level! (or if there's a further last level, it should be a surprise and be like a Space station or something). Er, anyway, Cave Story, there's this amazing bit a fair way into the game, where you have to climb the side of the flying island, with clouds floating past and this fantastic music, and it's totally epic!
I'd love to recreate that climactic feeling in a game.

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