Sunday, 26 October 2008


I made progress with my 3d modelling. Here's a picture of the work-in-progress of my affectionately nicknamed 'Sir Bucketface'. He may not look much, but please be nice to him, he took me about six hours to make. The best moment was when he had a head and torso, but no arms and looked just like the Black Knight from 'The Holy Grail'!

Currently working on the pitch document for 'Palette Battle' (named from 'Paint Fight' I'm not sure it's a great name, but I rather like the assonance of the hard double t in the centre of both words). It caused much mockery in the house when I said 'I'm doing my homework' while drawing cartoon characters. Since normally drawing cartoon characters would be what I do all the rest of the time, haha.

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Jim said...

Just think how hard it is when I turn on a game and explain that it is work and research, honest!