Saturday, 18 October 2008


Right, so my project this time is to come up with some simple gameplay-based game ideas and type up proposals for them, then I'll choose the best one and follow through with a pitch document for it.

Coming up with simple ideas which are gameplay-based should help make me think more like a Games Designer, as before, with Lena, I approached it more like I would approach a project as a Comics Artist, coming up with a story and characters and fitting gameplay to that idea. This time, I have to come up with gameplay first, and if there's a story to fit it, that comes second.

So far I've got a few, but not all are suitable. There's an RPG idea that's just too complicated among other things.
Some of the best are: The beam shooting robot game (platform/puzzle/action). A game in which you're a gravity-manipulating astronaut (puzzle/adventure). And a game where you ricochet a ball through a chamber by manipulating angles of obstacles to make it bounce right (puzzle).

As you can see, mainly puzzles, because puzzle games have easy, simple, but interesting mechanics. Portal is essentially a puzzle game. Most games involve an element of puzzle solving.

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