Monday, 2 February 2009


Right, so what I know so far:
The game is an adventure/puzzle game.
(ie. It revolves around exploration, solving environmental puzzles and is largely linear and storyline focused rather than sandbox. Problems are not solved with reflexes, but cerebrally)
Solving problems, unlike some adventure games, revolves more around using an inventory of a few set objects, sometimes supplemented or combined with other objects found as you explore.
It's set in a modern magical realism setting with a comical tone.
(I'm thinking of setting it in a very typical modern English town/suburb except when extraordinary events happen, they are taken as if relatively normal, common occurrences. This juxtaposition is common in cult series like 'Spaced', 'Greenwing' and in comics like 'Scott Pilgrim' and 'Scary Go Round' but is rarely seen in video games.)
The game is made to be released serially as shot 'episodes' which would perhaps be an hour's worth of play. Each episode is a short, but complete story, but perhaps some will link into an overarcing story, much like a TV series would.
I'm assuming this is a PC game, with a point-click interface for now. Point and click can also work on the Wii, however, which is a possibility. A text parser is also possible, but these are generally widely disliked, also would not translate between systems well.
Some puzzles could be solved using minigames which use a slightly different gameplay style. For example, a sequence where the player must play chess or must play some kind of minigame to pick a lock etc.

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