Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Four Pitchy Tasty

Still working on the pitch document. This one is trickier than the 'Palette Battle' one, because the style isn't so clear. Palette Battle the feel was 'dull industrial combined with bright chibi and lots of paint splatters'. This one is more 'chic, suburban hipster lifestyle with hint of nostalgia for retro games'. Aaaaaaagh.
Luckily for inspiration today, Scott Pilgrim vol. 5 finally arrived...This is probably why the cover art came out looking so Scott Pilgrim-esque. If I can say one other thing, it's that Manga Studio is the best inking program in existence. I wish there was a plugin for Photoshop that made it ink like Manga Studio! I've been drawing the characters in pencil, scanning them and inking in MS, then using Photoshop for the colour to do all the character art for this.

It's fun writing the pitch for the tongue-in-cheek tone of it. The art takes much longer though, because it's higher quality than the little chibis from Palette Battle. In general, this game has a lot of 'me' in it. It's very much to my personal style and taste. Basically I'm trying to go for a look that's really a lot more 'hip boutique' or 'indie comics' than 'video games'.

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Anna Fitzpatrick said...

Lookin sweet girl. You're gonna rock!