Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Dedicated follower of fashion

Kirsty Lang, Carrie's luvvie housmate.
Something good about an episodic game is that you could feasibly change the characters clothes every story arc to keep up with current fashion trends. For this reason, I've deliberately gone for making Kirsty's clothes pretty 'ala mode'. With most games, characters seem to wear quite timeless styles rather than following fashion trends. As I've mentioned before, since games have such a short lifespan, you don't really have to do this, unless you expect the production time to be more than a couple of years. I haven't gone way overboard here, since this is not so much a 'this year' look as a 'this decade' or 'this five years' look, but even when it's not in fashion, people probably won't hold it against the game, since the game will be old news by then and it'll be expected.
After all, the PHS in Final Fantasy VII was based on a trend at the time (1997) for a certain type of mobile phones in Japan. But even without knowing that, you can enjoy the game.

Another difference here is that as well as not being timeless, the game isn't placeless either. The fact that it's based in the UK means that the fashion is very much what's in in the UK right now. Again, making something universal by making it very specific is something that I'm interested in.

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